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Why Should We Care?

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Why should we even care about a foreign worker’s plight of getting or not getting a work visa in the United States?  Does it really matter to anyone here if they get one or not?  Isn’t it better if they don’t get one, so we save those jobs for US citizens graduating from our Universities?  The answer to those questions is a simple – YES WE SHOULD CARE!  We need to care because this country has from the beginning depended on minds from all over the world.  The United States has never been exclusionary and closed to the brilliance of individuals from other countries.  Why should we now build walls to exclude talent from our countries pool of knowledge?  This is the time when we need to welcome individual’s innovative spirit.  We need to keep our graduates here in the United States.  We need to bring in scholars, entrepreneurs, scientists, developers, artists from everywhere.  We need to embrace greatness worldwide, not shy away from it and be scared. Like William Shakespeare wrote, “Be not afraid of greatness. Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and others have greatness thrust upon them.”.  We need to open our doors and arms to let the greatness in.  Does this mean open the doors to all?  No, but we must be careful how greatness is determined.  Who do you know that is outstanding and extraordinary?  Have you ever asked them where they came from?  

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