• When would you use this type of Visa?
When you are coming to the United States as a visitor for a short period of time. There are two types of B visas: B-1 Visitor for Business and B-2 Visitor for Pleasure.

• How do I obtain one of these visas?
You request the visa from the United States Consulate in your country of residence. Depending on each country’s reciprocity schedule, these visas may be granted for up to 10 years, however, periods of authorized stay in the United States are usually only 6 months or less. Business visitors are usually only admitted for the duration of business.

How long may I stay in this country with this type of visa?
You may only stay as long as the Officer at the port of entry determines is reasonable. You are able to request an extension only if you have a legitimate reason for the extension of stay.

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