• When would you use this type of visa?
An Australian national who is offered a professional position in the United States that requires the university degree or work experience they have.

• How do I obtain this visa?
The visa can be applied for in the United States or at a US consulate abroad. You must bring with you to the interview the signed offered letter, resume, evidence of your university degree or work equivalency, and LCA (Labor Condition Application). We highly recommend that you apply for the E-3 at the US consulate in Australia and not file with USCIS in the United States. Remember that the university degree that you have has to line up with the employment offered. For example, if you have a science degree you should not be looking for a position in marketing.

• How long may I stay in the United States with this visa?
The E-3 visas are granted for 2 years and may be extended as many times as you want. Again it is always recommended that you apply for the E-3 visas and renewals at US consulates abroad and not inside the US with USCIS.

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