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Investment Based Immigration

To obtain permanent residence through an investment is a very challenging path, but with the right situation it is a very attractive option. The Investor category is the fifth preference and is reserved for immigrants who make very large investments. 10,000 visas are allocated annually to individuals who invest $1 million and create at least ten new jobs. The law permits the amount to be reduced to $500,000 if the business is located in a rural area, or in an urban area with high unemployment. Many desirable areas have been designated as high unemployment areas which qualify investors to obtain immigrant visas with a $500,000 investment, provided they create 10 jobs. The requirement of ten full-time jobs, excluding independent contractors and immediate family members – is usually the obstacle. It is possible to qualify with investments in troubled businesses which lost at least 20% annually for two successive years prior to filing. Investments in troubled businesses sometimes allow an applicant to show that the ten jobs have been saved rather than created. It is important to note two things 1. This category provides for a conditional green card. Therefore, after Twenty-one months after approval, a new petition must be filed to remove the conditional nature of the visa and 2. It is not guaranteed if you have an E visa (Investor Non Immigrant visa) you will be guaranteed to get your green card through this preference.