When would I use this type of visa?
Used for individuals who are of extraordinary ability in the arts, business, education, science or athletics and want to come to the United States temporarily in the capacity of one of the listed abilities to work.

How do I obtain one of these types of visas?
First you must consult with the relevant U.S. labor union, peer and management organizations. These organizations must provide advisory opinions as to whether the applicant shows “extraordinary ability” or “extraordinary achievement” in the field, and whether the position they are coming for requires such high qualifications. Once this is completed a petition is filed with the USCIS.

How long may I stay in the United States with this type of visa?
O visas may be granted for up to three years, depending on the period of the event, but may be extended indefinitely. P visas are limited to the period of the event not to exceed one year.

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