What Candidate for Immigration?

What candidate for President should you look to for immigration reform?  Not an easy question with definitely not an easy answer!  I suggest you look to the candidate that talks not only about reform for the millions of illegals in the United States, but reform to the visas for the business sector.  I am going to look to the candidate that puts the positive before the negative.  We need to start the debate and discussion of immigration reform around the millions of individuals that should be granted visas to stay here – the contributing foreign individuals.  Let’s start there first!  Hundreds of thousands of brilliant people are graduating from our universities with not only bachelor’s degrees but master’s degrees and PhD’s, and we send them home because we do not have the visas available for them to stay.  We have highly talented, exceptional people asking to come to the US to find cures for diseases or work on environmental fixes and we torture them with mounds of required paperwork and high fees.  Yes, this is the land of opportunity, but sometimes people lose sight or interest in the beacon of that opportunity because they are plummeted with all the requests for more proof that they are as amazing as they say they are!  Is not patenting a new cancer drug that will save millions of lives or finding the next new apparatus for cleaning our water system enough proof?  Having first hand knowledge of this process, and sitting across from these extraordinary people every day, I must say to the next presidential candidate – “Please don’t lose sight of all the good people; talented people; extraordinary people that need a clearer path to bring their priceless talent and knowledge to our country.  It is not always about the illegals…it is about people..people that we should welcome with open arms!”

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