I see more and more people and articles saying, “Why are we giving away professional jobs to foreign individuals and not keeping them for Americans?”.   I had to write this blog in order to address this fear and correct the misinformation that is out there.  THEY ARE NOT TAKING AWAY AMERICAN JOBS! In order for a company to hire a foreign professional person (someone with at least a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent) they must go through a very expensive process and pay the person at least what the prevailing wage is that is set by the Department of Labor.  This process is not easy and very costly for any company that chooses to go down this path.  Therefore, I highly doubt any company would chose to have to endure the extra cost and aggravation innate in hiring a foreign individual before it looks hard to find an American US employee for the same job.  The myth that companies are hiring foreigners at a reduced wage, and excluding US employees because they can get cheaper foreign workers, is a MYTH and not found in the professional sector.  I am sure there are some exceptions to this, and some crooked smaller companies that are not following the rules of the Department of Labor, but I will guarantee you it is the exception and not the rule.  The Department of Labor and USCIS monitor the issuance of H1b visas very closely, and check for compliance by employers regularly, so be assured they are not taking your jobs, they are filling jobs that need to be filled.  Let’s stop pointing fingers and start educating our country so they can take these jobs and not force our US companies to look elsewhere!

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