We Need To Increase the Amount of Professional Visas – H1b Visas!

There was no more H1b professional visas after only 5 days. What does that say about not only our economy and job market, but what changes we need to make? We need to see that this is a clear sign of the need for change. Change to how many available avenues there are for professional workers in our workforce. The need to see clearly that we are lacking in skilled professional labor, and that companies are craving and reaching outside the United States for qualified employees. However, maybe it is not that they are looking outside the United States, maybe they are really looking inside at our University graduates. What is the percentage of US college graduates from other countries? We should not assume that we are hiring or looking to hire foreign graduates under the H1b program. If we are going to educate people in this country shouldn’t we take advantage of what we have taught them and let them work in our companies?