In H-1B, Trump Administration

President Trump signed yet another executive order that instructs Federal agencies to review and act on contracts using temporary foreign workers. President Trump’s Executive Order is intended to protect American workers from being displaced by foreign workers (more specifically H1b visa holders). President Trump requests certain measures be taken to ensure that Federal agencies are complying with the policy that US citizens are given priority over H1b foreign workers for US government jobs. This order also directs the Department of State to finalize a policy in which H1b employers will be prevented from moving their H1b workers to another employer’s job site to avoid having to let them go.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, President Trump has made extreme efforts to limit the foreign nationals from coming into the United States to work. Due to the rise in unemployment and financial crisis, President Trump continues to take action on ways he believes will limit the displacement of many American workers and eliminate the misuse of work visas like H-1b visas.

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