The Industrial Revolution is Over

 In Business Immigration, Immigration Reform

Have we not heard this a lot lately. Yes it is true the Industrial Revolution is Over! It is time to embrace the new electronic age that pulls all of us outside the box and commands us to be different. Unfortunately, loyalty is not rewarded like in the past, and many of us hard workers with amazing work ethic are realizing this in a most unfortunate way. Take this time to start a new company or make the company your working for become something bigger. How does this relate to immigration? It does, because the world is shrinking. Not literally shrinking, but our ability to communicate and deal with people all over the world is not something that is out of reach to smaller companies. Times have changed, and we need to look to partners, consumers, traders, and associates worldwide. Do you want to start a new company and need financing? Are the banks not lending you the money you need to get your dream accomplished? Look to other brilliant willing partners all over the world. There are ways for them to invest in your company and become your partner here in the United States. There are visas just for this exact thing. Remember there is no need for them to invest $1,000,000 to get a visa! Just think bigger and it will happen!