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Government Shutdown and Immigration

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The current government shutdown is causing a lot of anxiety for the public, but especially for individuals involved in the immigration process. Below are some answers to questions that we are receiving on a daily basis:

  • Will my case be delayed due to the shutdown?

Cases are not being delayed due to the shutdown. USCIS continues to be open and will continue to adjudicate cases in the same manner as it has been.

  • Will I not be able to get my visa at a US Consulate abroad once I am approved?

Yes, you can still make appointments and obtain visas abroad during the shutdown. Consulates worldwide are still open and providing necessary services.

  • Are our borders less protected during the shutdown?

No, our US borders are still protected and US Customs and Border Patrol continue to work and secure our borders during the shutdown. Border security is essential and even though the officers may not get paid during the shutdown they remain to secure the borders.

  • Can I still get a tax ID or Employer Identification Number (EIN) for the new business I am opening?

No, due to the shutdown it is practically impossible to obtain an EIN if it cannot be filed online (which foreign nationals without social security numbers cannot). This has caused delays in opening new business bank accounts and operations.

If you have any further questions, or running into issues related to the shutdown, please do not hesitate contacting our office so we can assist.

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